Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sweet Sister Holiday Swap!

20 Questions!
1.Favorite Color? Pink!
2.Chocolate Lover?? I Love, Love, Love Milk Chocolate! (Dove)
3.Favorite Craft Hobby? I Love to do So Many Crafts but, I guess I would have to say Sewing!
4.What Craft/Hobby would you Like to Learn/Start? I would Love to Learn to Knit! I tried to teach Myself with No Luck!
5.What Craft do You Not have an Interest in? Cross Stitch.
6.Do You have any allergies? None!
7.What is Your Favorite part of Halloween?(decorating,candy,costumes??) I Love every Bit of Halloween!! It is Right up there with Christmas!
I go All out Decorating! Cemetery & all!
(we are trying to sell Our house-I wonder if I should take it Off the market until After Halloween?? ;o)
8.Do You decorate for Thanksgiving/Fall? Thanksgiving kinda gets passed over in decorating! I have recently started decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving! I have a Christmas Tree in Every room so, I have to start early to get it All done!! I also Plan on putting up a "Halloween Tree"(in the kitchen,I think:0)
9.December Holidays--What Holiday do You Celebrate? What type of decorations do you put up?? We Celebrate Christmas at Our Home!
I Love All the Pretty Decorations!
*My Motto is "More is More!"
10.Do You have any Children? I don't like to post this kind of Info, Please email me.
11.Do You have any Pets? We have 1 Long-haired Dachsund(Snickers)& We have 2 fish.
12.Are You a Reader? If so, what type of Books do you like? Oh! I Love to read! Borders is One of My Favorite places!!
I Love All types of Books! Romance, fting, I collect Cook books, Craft magazines, Anything that is worth reading really!
13.Are You Celebrating a Birthday or Anniversary in October,November or December? No.
14.Do You Collect anything? If so, What? I Collect Cupcake anything! MILK GLASS!! Pretty Tea Cups & FABRIC!!! I also collect Nativity scenes!
15.What type of things do You Like to Cook? I Love to Cook! I use my collection of cook books All the time!
My Favorite things to cook are Pasta & Desserts!!
16.What is Your Favorite Scent? Is there a scent You don't Like? I Love the scent of Lilacs & I also Love the Fall scents(pumpkin spice)
The scent of Jasmine gives me Migraines!
17.What is Your Favorite Song? That's a Hard One! Broken Wing(Martina Mcbride) Irreplaceable(Beyonce) Rich Girl(Fergie) Cheeseburger in Paradise(Jimmy Buffet)
18.What is the Last movie you saw at the theater? Gosh, I can't remember!
19.Favorite Candy? Almond Roca!
20.Tea or Coffee? Flavored Coffee!!!


Crystal said...

Cool answers, but what were the questions?

Crystal said...

"16. I Love the scent of Lilacs & I also Love Pumpkin Spice(fall scents)
The scent of Jasmine gives me Migraines!"

Jasmine gives me migraines too, but for some reason if I smell it while I have super bad cramps it helps.

I also LOVE the smell of pumpkin spice too. I spend all fall coming up with different reasons to use it, and even still I think I have three jars in the pantry!


Ha! I knew I should have posted the Questions too!
I fixed it Crystal! :O)

Crystal said...

Thankies! Now I can do it too! I love all these silly surveys they're addicting and fun.