Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy New Year !!

WoW! It has been Quite awhile since I have been here in Blog land!!

I had a few Very Trying months that Really had me Down in the Dumps!
So, I decided to take some time off from blogging & swapping but, things
are Now looking Up for Us & I am slowly entering the World again!

In the past Several months I have really met some Wonderful Women through swapping & have made a few Special Friends!
One of them is Crystal, she sent me a Nice Gift the other day(just out of the blue) & also Awarded me with these blog Awards!
Thank you, Crystal!!
& I promise to do more with my blog;o)


vivian said...

Nice to see you back!! I've checked on you at least a dozen times! Welcome back! hope your out of the dumps now!

Crystal said...

Sorry to hear things were kind of down in the dumps. Things are sort of bummer here too, but we're OK, just poor. Hoping for a decent tax return and a decent raise, then maybe groceries won't hurt so much. I've had to cut back on a lot of swaps too.

So glad it sounds like you'll get back to posting again. If you want to chat remember you can always send me an e-mail too!


Shawnee said...

Missed you! I've been out of sight, too, and have went cold turkey on swapping. Hugs!