Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Birthday Poem

This was Written Especially for Me on My Birthday, by My DD!!!

These are the Colors of the Rainbow
And Everyone of them Shows Right through.

I am going to Start with Red
So Here I go,

Red is the color for when I Blush Everytime You say You Love Me,

Orange is the Color for when I need You and You are There for Me,

Yellow is the color for Everytime You do Something

You are Brighter than The World Can See,

Green is the color for Your Personality which I Think can't get Any Better,

Blue is the Color of My Eyes You have Given Me,

And Last, Purple is the color of Your Rain of Beauty and Shimmer.

And that is Why I Love You!

***I can't Express what this Did to My Heart!
To know that I am Truly Loved, Unconditionally
& How Very Blessed I am to Have such an
Amazing Child!!


Jane said...

So sweet! Now that is a treasure! Oh and happy birthday!

Shawnee said...

Aren't kids the best. Yours is certainly a sweetie.

Jane said...


I got my wonderful package! Thanks so much. I am loving the flip flop phone holder and sunglass case! The fabric and the lemon-lime goodies -so fun!