Sunday, April 29, 2007

My 72yr. Old Mom!

Isn't She Adorable!!

It is kinda hard to tell but, this is a Bee costume She wore this past Halloween!!
Little did I know at the Time, that I would Open an Etsy Shop & name it BEELICIOUS!
Isn't the Similarity between Her picture & My logo Striking!!? ;o)

Mom went All over Town Showing off her Darling costume! Skipping & Dancing down the isles of Publix & other Shops!

At 72 She is a Real G0-Getter!
A Wonderful Mother & GrandMother!
She comes to visit Everyday! She Cooks for Us, All the Time! She is Always cleaning My kitchen(sewing is more Fun than cleaning to Me!) & She Works part time!!!
(would you believe She suffers from Arthritus)

I can Only Hope to be as Full of Life when I reach Her age!!!

Thanks Mom for All You Are & All You do!

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