Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Too Many Projects!

I have so much going on! Last night I Finally finished my Surprise for the "Dammit Doll" Swap! It really turned out Cute! I need to get it in the mail Today! Finding a box to put it in will be the Catch!

I am also Doing a Handmade Bookmark Swap. I made 3 Bookmarks yesterday for my 3 Partners. But, I am sending one of them with the Dammit Doll! I can't ever just send what is Expected, I Always add a few extra's!! ;o) So, I need to make 1 more Bookmark!
And Tonight is the First Night of Our Quilt Class! I also Need to get All of that Stuff ready to Go! I am really excited! But, I am Wondering where Quilting is going to Fit in with All of My other Projects?!

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