Friday, May 18, 2007

Estate Sale Treasures!!!

Look at these Wonderful items I found at an Estate Sale yesterday!
The Darling Woman these Treasures belonged to, Past in April of this year. She was 100!!!
Mrs.Moon's Family showed Me a picture that was taken of Her in November & She looked to be in Her 70's or 80's.
I was So Tickled to find such Wonderful Treasures!
11 Embroidered Pillow cases, 8 Embroidered table runners, 8 Embroidered doilies, 6 Crocheted doilies.

2 Full size Quilt tops, 10-15"square Quilt blocks, 8-10"square "bow tie" Quilt blocks, & a shoebox Full of little quilt pieces(some still have the 1951 paper on the pieces)

8-14"square Quilt blocks, 9-12"square Quilt blocks, 15 Flower blocks(with edging), 32 Flower blocks(without edging)

All Hand Sewn!

This cute little Vintage J.& P. Coats thread box has 2 little spools of thread, some little Hexagon quilt pieces & Mrs.Moon's template for the hexagons!

I am Not sure of what I will do with these Goodies. It would be Very Hard for me to part with them, just thinking of the Lovely Lady who Created them & surely Cherished them Too!

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Lauri said...

I am so jealous! What fabulous finds!