Sunday, July 15, 2007

Powder Room

This is a picture of my Powder Room, My Mother has been after me to Post a picture of it!
I "wall papered" it with music sheets I found at thrift shops.
And on the back of the Potty you see the Fancy Feather ink pen..
that is for all Our visitors to Sign the "Bathroom Guest Book"
You can imagine some of the Wild & Crazy entries into this Whimsical little guest book ;o)


Brummiebird said...

What a fantastic idea. It looks you have your guests singing away when they visit the powder room????lol


It's a really fun & crazy book-got it at cracker barrel years ago.

You wouldn't believe what some write in it >.<

Thanks for the Compliment!!

jar said...

Like the guest book idea and thanks for the package of sunshine. Yours was mailed out today.