Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Finds!!

Last night I noticed the "Garage Sale" sign at a 65 yrs. & Older neighborhood. Every week I drive by here hoping Someone in this neighborhood is having a sale! They always have Great Vintage stuff here!
Well, this morning I wake up & it is just Pouring outside. Oh No! Is "my" garage sale going to be Canceled!?
I decided to take a chance & drive on over.
It is in the Garage & it's on!

Vintage Pins & Rings!
Vintage Christmas Ornaments!
Vintage Lace & Bindings! 2 Boxes Full!!
More Vintage Christmas! Nativity(soap stone??)
Bird House Garland!!

Vintage Turkeys!

& Vintage Birdie fabric!!


Crystal said...

Those are wonderful! What great finds!

Jane said...

Sweet Goodness! Where do you thrift! You have found the best things!!!