Monday, October 8, 2007

I have been Tagged by Crystal!

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1. I am Originally from Colorado. When I was young We would come to Georgia to visit Relatives & I always said I wanted to Live in Georgia. I met My Husband while here visiting when I was 22, & the rest is History!

2. I am a Homeschool Mom! I absolutely Love it! I get to Smooch & Hug my Children All day-Everyday;o)

3. I Love to Craft & Sew! Wish I had more hours in my day!

I have so Many projects I WANT to do & just can't find the Time.

4. I would One day Love to have a Really Cute shop that would carry Purses, Jewlery, Amazing Handmade items(from different women), really Fun Novelty fabric & such!!!

5. I want to Visit Italy one day! This has been a Dream of mine for Years & Years! Maybe one Day!!

6. I would Love to Live in Arizona! It is so Beeutiful there!

The weather is Wonderful,the Restaurants, the Shopping!

7. I have Totally become Addicted to Anything Cupcake!

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Crystal said...

Yay! I'm so glad you played! If we lived in the same state I would so want to open a store with you. I'd love to sell my crafts and other ladies creations as well. It would be neat. But for now I just hope more customers will heart my Etsy shop.