Friday, October 19, 2007

More Friday Finds!!

More Vintage Birdie Garland! I bought a Big bag full of the Garlands!
2 Vintage Light up Churches-1 Plays music!
Pretty Vintage Lamp & Pretty Birdcage too!
I am going to fancy up the Lampshade a little, maybe some fringe & beads.(if I remember I will take some pics of Vintage Lampshades I have Re-done!)
I think the Lamp will be Great in my Sewing/Craft room.
The Bird cage will get a little make-over too. I think it will go out in the Sun room!
Whewwww, this was all from that 1 Garage sale! Can you believe what people get rid of? Ha!
One man's Junk...


vivian said...

I recieved your very sweet banner last week! I keep meaning to get on here and thank you! I love it. It is perfect! You did a great job! I'm waiting to put all my hallween stuff away so I can find the perfect spot for it!
thank you so much!!

vivian said...

one more thing! I'm wondering about that holiday garland swap? is it too late to join that?